The system is composed of :
- Stack assembly area with NORTH STAR - STACK MASTER complete of
Precentring station Stack Transport system Drilling /Pinning/taping core module for Double side or Multilayered Boards Automatic pin feed Bi-directional out let station Mirror station for stack storage lifts serving 6 levels cages on AGV or Shuttle System AGV or Shuttle System capable to carry and deliver to Drilling/Routing Machines loaded cages Rear Cage storage Loader/Unloader units to Drilling and Routing Machines AGV/Shuttle systems handling cages filled with drilled stacks on delivery to: De-pinning / De- Taping Stack Master core module unit complete of out let station to Customer Stack sorting unit ( solution to be customized upon requirements ) Tool Cassette full automation Center complete with Inlet / outlet drawers Tool cassette automation center capable of storing up to 24 cassette with euro magazines.

Gantry system serving two Drilling machines Cell controller managing all resources of FLEXIBLE DRILLING CELL including :

  • Production program CNC part list
  • Automatic calculation of resources needed ( Tools-Parts program- machining times - auxiliary cycle times- queue management for machine allocation )
  • Production reports including batch transit time, tool usage, etc